Donation Requests

We love to support local organizations through charitable contributions. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate every request. To help us choose those requests we can support, we’ve created the following guidelines:

– We require at least 30 days advance notice.
– You will be notified via email whether your request has been approved or denied.
– All donations are final and cannot be exchanged or refunded for monetary value.
– All donations must be picked up at the tasting room during business hours (T-F 5pm-8pm). The receiver must be at least 21 years of age.
– We rarely provide staffing to work events.
– We cannot provide staffing to deliver donations.
– A receipt is required for our tax records.
– We do not donate or contribute to K-12 School Auctions or Youth Functions – As a craft brewery, we are strongly against under-aged drinking and don’t believe that beer and kids are a good partnership. Even if the event is adult-only, we cannot contribute.

– For beer donations to events where our product will be served, you will need to have the following:
If the event is open to the public, we need a copy of the caterer’s liquor license or temporary liquor license to serve beer.
All donated beer must be picked up at the brewery.
We do not donate kegs.

For merchandise donations, we’d like to know how the merchandise will be utilized (silent auction, part of a gift basket, prize, etc.)

If your request satisfies our guidelines, please provide us with the following information:

A nano-brewery in Victor, New York