The Deluminator

Hops have been used in beer for many centuries now. Hops lend bitterness to the beer to offset the sweetness of malt, and contribute flavors of pine, citrus, fruit, and spice with aromas to match. A typical European-style IPA will utilize hops for bitterness in the 40-70 International Bitterness Units (IBU) range. Contemporary American-style IPAs push these numbers up into the 90-120 range. Fortunately, the perception of bitterness can be tempered by a heartier malt backbone.

Our new Deluminator IPA recipe utilizes over 4 pounds of hops in the brewing process, with 7 varieties added at different times throughout the boil, and 3 varieties added after fermentation. We’ve even dosed some extra hops after aging and carbonation in the keg! We’ve done our best to balanced the bitterness of the hops with a complex malt bill, and the addition of several unique ingredients to add interest. We’ve squeezed an alcohol content of 7% out of the grain, and 123 IBUs out of the hops.

We look forward to tapping the first keg on Thursday, October 15th for Mug Club members, and Friday the 16th for the public. Quantities will be limited, so stop by for a taste if you can!